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4th Grade Gazette

Current Event

By: Jordan R.


Beyonce and Jay Z just got a new baby! Her name is Blue Ivy. People say that is her name because Jay Z’s favorite color is blue and Beyonce’s is ivy. That doesn’t make sense to me because when you are trying to think of a baby’s name you shouldn’t think of colors. (I don’t think ivy is even a color, but apparently it is.) But, you have to respect the name and keep it in your mind because it will hurt her feelings. She has the name and it is her's so people will call her that name just like they called me Jordan. .

People in the News

by Kennedy
Today I'm interviewing Faith.
Kennedy:What's your favorite movie?
Faith:Shark Night.
Kennedy:Who's your hero and why?
Faith:My dad because he helps me and tells me not to give up.
Kennedy:What's your favorite TV show?
Faith:Shake it up.
Kennedy:Who's your favorite teacher?
Kennedy Who's your favorite group?
Faith:Mindless Behavior.
And that's it for this, Bye! THANKS YOU

Math News

By Trevor Robinson
This is what we have been learning this year.
We have been doing Math Boxes, multiplication, division and rounding numbers.
We are doing multiplication/division number stories, extended multiplication facts.
And we are solving division problems like 40/10 = 4. Next, we are learning to draw
and measure angles. We are also learning how to place coordinates on a grid.

Language Arts News

By Desmond
We are starting a new theme. It is based on Fantasy. Our first anthology selection is called the Stranger. In Mrs. Teodoridis’ room we are learning about Jazz, ragtime and blues. We also take spelling tests and read books. In G-Pas the students are reading Sarah Plain and Tall and writing about the book in their response journals. They are also watching the movie on Youtube. In addition, we are reading Harry Potter and writing about the book. Our last assignment was to put ourselves and our classmates in the book. The battle deadline was January 27th. We are proud of our four students that made it into the battle.

Science News

by Faith

Science Is so much fun learning things about animals and diffrent kind of things It Is so much fun learning new things that you did not know before so you can go tell your parents about what you learned In Science and I have so much fun doing all kind of expirements.And now we are learning about land and water and then we are going to do an expiriment on soil I can't wait

Social Studies News

By: Jasmine K


by Lauren.

Ways to Keep the Earth CleanRecycling is a good way to keep the earth healthy. You can recycle paper, plastic, and glass. And remember the three r’s! Reduce, reuse, and recycle, plus it can help save the planet! For example, let’s say that your phone stopped working, what do you do? Nothing, just nothing. You throw it away, that’s all. But, instead you can recycle it by giving it to soldiers who want to call home. You know the school is collecting phones now. We have a lot of phones now. Now I went to a car show and they have this new car to be released in 2013 called The Spark plus. It is energy efficiant and it can drive on its own. It’s pretty cool I would say. That’s all I have to say, for now. Clean THE ERATH TODAY

Sports News

by Andrew
Hello my is Andrew. My soccer team beat the team from Troy. The final score was 11 - 4. I know, awesome, right? And here is a picture from the game. The names of my teammates are Richie, Joey, Zach, Illyas, Brandon, Evan, Josh, Olie, and Bryce.


by Noah


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS7f8POoqhyrAox5t4kjrTLfTThN37Domp8bUcH_AUUPOWhWDqeKw

Today for entertainment, I will be talking about Mindless Behavior and I asked Faith what she thinks about them and she said and all of them are cute. If you have no idea who mindless behavior is they are the best people in the world, I also asked Jasmine k. and Laila and Jasmine k. said they have cute outfits and Laila said that “they are awesome” Did I forget to say they also sing well?


Enjoy this tour

Cool Stuff

by Alyce

HI, my name is Alyce and this is cool stuff. If you want to know about cool stuff then open this power point. COOL STUFF!!!!!!

Character Education

by ALex

Today we talked about a dream that we have for the future and how martin Luther King had a dream about freedom.
And everyone's ideas were good. I like how they were so creative too.

The word of the day is loyalty. Loyalty is like when Joshua said how a dog is loyal to you.
Hear is Jordan’s idea: loyalty is when you are trustworthy. Those are all good ideas and out
Of all of them I came up of some things it means like…
Promise and don’t lie.


I am Joshua and I am the reporter for art. I've recently discovered "Flip-O-Rama", which is a picture that has a picture on the outside and the inside that when you flip it, it animates the picture and makes it look like it's moving. Like for example , on the front, there is a guy holding a bat with a baseball moving toward the character, and on the inside, the guy is drawn swinging the bat and the ball is flying toward the left.That's Flip-O-Rama.It's also a type of animation like this.


by Olivia

Physical Education

by Alston

Poetry Corner

By: Morghan
Snowflakes Falling 3. Goodbye Summer
Snowflakes falling, Goodbye Summer. Hello Winter.
Snowflakes falling, It’s Nice to see you Again
Everyone is different, Goodbye Summer. Hello Winter.
Snowflakes falling, I see the Cold is Ahead.
Snowflakes falling,
I see one that has stiffness. By Morghan
By Morghan
I see a Snowman 4. Ring in the New Year!
I see a Snowman, Ring in the New Year! It’s that Time!
Stilt and tall. Time to get all the Christmas by!
I see a Snowman, Ring in the New Year! It’s that Time!
Built to Call, Are you Ready? It’s Time to Fly!
I see a Snowman
But it Stands like a Boulder
Strait and Tall
By Morghan


by Laila

Book Review

by Teddy

Since I got the job book review and I am in Battle Of The Books I will do Born To Fly.=Born To Fly is a book about a girl who wants to be a P-41 flyer. She is in the time period of world 2. She has a friend who moves from Japan, she saves him from a German. Who is a trusted friend. He trying to bomb the Jap’s house. So she uses a flower bomb on his truck. That stops him. Though The Jap’s uncle dies at a dock. Oh did I mention that there is a sub half way through the story, that helps them find out about the evil spy. Oh the girl`s name is Bird. That is why I chose born to fly.
Show & Tell
Hi my name is naykelah and this is show and tell if you want to see the show and tell awsome stuff click on show and tell.doc.
This is cariel and she is holding her bear and the bear is holding its book.



KNOCK , KNOCK ? WHO s there. You. You who ?. you you .

Say roste . roste . say coste . Coste Say most . Most . What do you put in a

toster ? If you said toast you are wrong its bread!

knock , knock ? Who‘s there ? Boo . boo who ? It was only a joke don’t cry

Knock Knock whos’s there ? Who . Who who ? Are you an owl

Knock Knock. who’s there ? Bannana . Bannana who ? Bannana split




Jordan R. read ten Ar books and passed ten AR tests. He is pretty lucky to be in the Battle!
Alyce is ready to read and is trying to do the best that she can because the battle ends in February. She is doing her best to try and win!!!!
Hey roary came to our
school and we took lots of picture.
Up Coming Events!
by Jasmine B.
DelayedHi my name is jasmine and I am here to tell you three things well I guess four here’s the first you see that word in blue up there I want to see how many times you can spot it. second thing February 2nd is a delayed start. third thing is twenty through the twenty fifth in February. Now the fourth thing is on Monday April second we get out of school we go back to school on the the ninth. Now when you can tell me how many times I said delayedBy:Jasmine