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Kennedy,Jasmine B Alston, Jordan R.


Kennedy, Jasmine K., Lailla, Reigan,


Andrew, Josh, Jasmine B., JoJo
Alston ,Jordan R.

Flip Camera

Raven, Jasmine K., Alston,
Jordan R.


, Olivia, Andrew, Alston
Jordan R. Kennedy

Digital Camera

Alston, Andrew,naykelah, kennedy,Jordan R.

Kid Pix

Cariel, Alyce, Alston,
Jordan R.


Morghan, Reigan, Jasmine B. Alston,Jordan R.

Web Resources:


Digital Tools:

Flip Camera: You may use a flip camera to record your interview
If your movie file is too large, follow the directions below to download and compress your Flip video.

Audacity: (If you would like to record an interview)

If working from home, click the link below for the Audacity Download:
audacity.exe If at school, click Start--All Programs--Misc--Audacity and go to step 6 below.


NOTE: You must have a microphone if you are on a desktop.
1. Click on "audacity.exe" icon.
2. Screen will say "Do you want to run or save this file?" / Click RUN
3. File will be in DOWNLOADS / Click to open
4. Screen will say "A Publisher could not be verified..." / Click RUN
5. Audacity screen opens.
6. When you are ready to record, press red RECORD button.
7. Record your piece.
9. Press STOP button when done.
10. Press PLAYbutton to listen to your piece.


1. Go to FILE.
2. Click on "EXPORT AS WAV or MP3".
3. Save it to your DESKTOP or your H:drive.
4. SIGN IN TO Mrs. Vier's Wiki page
5. Click EDIT.
6. Find your section/column.
7. Click FILE.
9. Locate your Audacity recording on your Desktop or H:drive and double click on the file.
10. Double click on your file
11. SAVE page.

Glogster : You can create a poster featuring you person

PhotoStory: You can create a photo story featuring your person

Go to the start up menu
Select All Programs
select Photo Story
Use microphone headphones to record narration
Save Photo story to the H drive
Upload photo story to the Wiki
(If you are working from home, you may need to download PhotoStory to your computer)

PowerPoint: You can create a Powerpoint presentation featuring your person
Go to the start up menu
Select All Programs
Select Microsoft Office
Select Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Create a PowerPoint presentation
Save your presentation to the H drive
Upload presentation to the Wiki

How to Create a Newspaper:
(See guidelines)