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this year is a very special day year because it is mr.tobes twenty fith year and we have a bank
that we can only put qaurters in get it because it is his twenty fith year as principel at green field
elementry school we even planted a tree for him se
isnt that cool look at that thing and what is even cooler is that the shcool helped to pay
for it isnt that awesome th pruves that the shcool loves mr. tobe so much we even wrote a song about it. Have a great day AND BE KIND IN SCHOOL.
I am interviewing Kennedy, I asked questions about her life and about school so lets get started !
Jasmine:What your favorite movie?
Kennedy:Soul Surfer
Jasmine:Who is your favorite hero?
Kennedy:My Mom
Jasmine: favorite group
Kennedy: Mindless behavior
Jasmine:What your favorite T.V show?
Kennedy:Shake it up
Jasmine:Who is your favorite teacher?
Jasmine:What is your favorite hobbies?
Kennedy:Watching T.V
Jasmine:What do you do for fun?
Kennedy:Watching T.V
Jasmine:IF you had a million dollars what will you do?
Kennedy:go shopping spree

Math News

Math is hard for some people, but I can show you that it is not that hard.
Decimals are hard to understand. When I first was taught, I was confused as much as you would be. We were learning about changing them into fractions. It’s actually simple. A fraction is pretty similar to a decimal. A fraction is a number over a line with another number underneath or it could look like a number with a slash and then another number (for example: 5/9). A decimal is a number, a dot or period, and an unlimited span of numbers (also known as negative numbers). Let’s just say that I’m changing 0.2 (two tenths) into a fraction. There are two ways to do it. One is that you put the two on the top and a ten on the bottom (or from above: 2/10). There are many ways that fractions can be the same as decimals. It’s true. One forth (a Quarter) is twenty-five hundredths (0.25) because if you multiply twenty- five by four, you get one-hundred! If you want two know other numbers that you can multiply by something to get one-hundred, you just divide that number by one- hundred. That is the math lesson.

Language Arts News

Hello to day for languge arts I am going to tell you about my favorite book but instead of telling you i'm going to give you a review. Click on battle book re-view to read.

Science News

ScienceIn science we were learning about land and water. We took the test already and we just now started our new subject it’s about weather. We are watching a video about it. It’s filled with weird, but interesting facts. For instance, the stronger the wind, the more playground fights there are, the more people commit suicide, more murders occur, people are more aggressive. That is what I call WEIRD! One year in Colorado they had 76 in. of snow! Other wacky weather includes when it rained snails and fish and crabs! Yup! I am not kidding at all. There is such thing as black and yellow snow too! Yellow snow is pet pee, ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! I suggest you don’t play with that!

Social Studies News

By: Laila
I will be showing you the Southeast Region and we will be visiting Flordia, Missississippi,and Virginia. Also click the video to see the Southeast Region Map.


By Jordan
My editorial is about professional wrestling. In professional wrestling people wrestle each other using their bodies and weapons. Although it seems that the events are real, these people are professionals and are faking. The blood is actually ketchup and fruit punch mixed up. Remember when you watch wrestling all of that throwing down is fake. The ring ropes are rubber so it does not hurt. That is why it says in all wrestling games. Please do not do this at home. These are professionals that do fake tricks and if you do this for real you you might get hurt . Although wrestling is still good to me, it is faking but entertainment. So, altough wrestling may sound cool to you, it is proffesionals, faking to get money.
From Jordan R.

Sport News

The Burnie suit is a full-body costume. The body is furry orange with orange feathers for hair. Burnie's nose is a green basketball. Burnie wears number 0 for the Heat, typically in a black uniform, although he's also worn the Heat's red and white jerseys during playoff promotions. Burnie is also the only Jewish mascot in the league He is currently dressed by Gustavo Guerra. And Burnie is 7.6 feet tall and he ways about 480m pounds and went to Klown College and his position is center of attrition his shoe size is I think 28 ½ pulse he was Miami heats mascot for 22 years his favorite sandwich is peanut Butter and Spam sandwich favorite TV show is the three stooges his favorite day is his birthday his hobbies are blocking peoples views, sneaking up on people, jitterbugging through the aisles and looking back into peoples binoculars.


Take a picture of your cartoon and upload it to this section.


by Joshua
Today I am going to perform a magic trick. but before I perform the trick I wold like to tell you how I got it from. It is because I got it from the Chris Angel magic set. The Chris Angel magic set is a 350 piece set with all the magic tricks you can think of. cards,vanish-and-reapper, etc.
click on the clip to see the vanishing water trick!

By: Alyce

In Spanish, we are working on our breakfast menus. Pretty soon, we will be acting as if we are at a Spanish restraint. Mrs. Brown split us up in groups so we could work on the scripts-to act out what we wrote out and copied out. On Friday 20,2o12 we will practice more and Tuesday 24, 2012. If you open the Power Point that I made, you can learn some breakfast words in Spanish. Enjoy the Power Point.

Cool Stuff

Do you like cool stuff like I Pads I do. There is also legos and nooks that are cool.

Character Education


Have you ever seen yourself in a broken mirror? Well in art we are making a self portrait and it’s like we are in a broken mirror it is so cool and the supplies you need are a pencil a ruler (the ruler is for you to draw the lines) crayon’s and paint. The person we are learning about is Pueblo Picasso, the way he does his self portrait is that he tries to get the whole face so he puts the other side of the face on the same of the rest of the face and that is how we are kind of doing it. It may look hard to do but it is quick easy all you have to do is draw the lines, draw your face and color it then paint it. That is all you have to do when you are drawing the lines you have to make 5 or 6 lines. Then when you start to color you can use all kinds of color like pink, purple, blue green, red all color’s like that. For the paint you have to paint the whole thing we use water color. When you color you can only color your face in one box and the background in one of you can color the background and a little of your face. When you draw the you have to make sure that you don’t make your lines to small or big. Also you have to make sure you don’t draw the same picture over and over again. Last year we worked on the worm’s eye view and the only thing you have to do is paint, you can paint the background blue or purple and first you have to paint with white and get darker we were using shades and tints, and we added trees and we had to paint them black. It was a little hard for me but I got it. It looks cool when you finish, there was also a fish painting we did a couple weeks ago and we use pencil, sharpie, and water color paint and when you are doing the background you can put salt on it, when you put the salt on the background it looks so cool and like your actually underwater and that is all for art today. By: Raven


Clickfor article.

Physical Education

Hi my name is Olivia .Gym is so much fun .The thing we are learning is how to jump rope. This girl in are classroom did 100 or more. Wish that I did 100 to .You must do your best at what you want to do. We are doing so much exercise. Like running. Running is a good exercise. The thing is to have fun.

Poetry Corner

I love poetry so I decided to write a poem.


Use this section to forecast the upcoming weather or write a mini report on a weather related phenonmenon. You can also tell about a big weather event in the news or give weather fun facts.

Book Review

Show & Tell

n 2-29-12 Jamise B. shared a BIG TIME RUSH poster and CD. On Ravenclaw day they shared about Josh shared his car he made for the race.On Huffupuff day they shared Laruen shared her cool key chain.For a few days ago I recorded Morghan singing and it sounded great so I took a video of it.


By naykelah
Knock knock jokes
Hi my name is Naykelah and I’m going to be telling you knock knock jokes.
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Freeze who?
Freeze, a Jolly good fellow.
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Catsup who?
Catsup in the tree.
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Butter who?
Butter not tell it’s a secret.
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

Hi who?
Hi ho, hi ho- it’s off to work we go.
Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Kanga who?
Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Ice cream.
Ice cream who?
I scream, you scream -we all scream for ice cream.
Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Cash who?
Cash me if you can.
And that is all for today intell next time bye

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