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Current Events

By Faith

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The lions defensive Line named Ndamukong Suh got suspended for two games because he was stomping on another player's head. The player swung him by his helmet and the owner of the NFL suspended him for stomping on the other player's face, but I think that the other player should be suspended too because he should not have done that. My dad and mom told me to always defend myself. So that's good that he defended himself. I give him credit for that.But he should have not done that because he is getting charged 42,500 dollars for doing that. I feel bad for him. He fights a lot at games, so I'm not surprised that he did that. Even though I'm a huge Lions fan, because my dad coaches for the Lion's I hope that number 62 on the packers feels better.But he will be back soon to play. Titus Young smashed someone in the face from the other team right in the referees face. Most people said hasn't he learned from Ndamukong Suh not to hit people or stomp on the other player's faces so he is going to get punished for that.I hope no one else will do what they did.

People in news

by Naykelah
Please enjoy this interview I did with Cariel.


by Alex
In math we are learning about decimals and metric measurement. We are also learning about pre-algebra (x-6=4 x=10) and it is a little bit hard, but it is still fun. Now I am going to ask you a question. If 1 inch on a map represents 300 miles then 6 inches equals___ the answer is 1,800. We are also learning to multiply using the partial products method. Here is a question 574x5----- and remember math is always fun to do

Language Arts News

by Olivia

Science News

by Noah
In Science we are learning about pendulums. To conduct our experiments we used 38 centimeter long strings, pennies, paperclips and pencils. After making a loop on one end of the string, I tied the paperclip to the other end of the string and attached a penny to the paperclip. I slipped the loop in the pencil, placed the pencil on the desktop. Then my partner pulled the penny back at a 90 degree angle, level with the desk. When we released the string, the penny swung back and forth like a pendulum. I predicted that the penny would make 10 swings in 15 seconds. The class conducted the experiment and placed their results in a data table. We calculated the landmarks. My group’s results were 12 swings in 15 seconds. The class average was 13 swings in 15 seconds. Next we experimented by changing one variable at a time. We learned that when we shortened the string to 13 cm the amount of swings increased to about 23 swings in 15 seconds. When we increased the weight with two pennies, the amount of swings did not change.

Social Studies News

The peopling of the US is the unit we are studying in Social Studies. Why have different groups settled here and how have they contributed to our culture?
Some of the different groups of settlers are American Indians, Latinos, Europeans, Africans,and Asians. See the following video clip of my interview with my Social Studies teacher Ms. Vier


by Jordan B.
Hi I’m Jo-Jo and I think that our school should have a Justin Bieber ticket auction. By putting names in a box pick five people from the box to win five tickets. Then bring Justin Bieber to our school so we can perform with him on stage singing and dancing with him. Then Justin Bieber will invite us to one of he’s concert’s and then we have a party and Justin Bieber gives us 100,000 dollars for our school.

Sports News

by Trevor
I’m going to tell you about the NFL Sunday night games.
Green Bay Packers is the team that won the Super Bowl last year.Next, I will show the
Teams that are moving on to the next game, which the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore
Ravens, Detroit Lions, and the St.Louis Rams. However, there are more great teams
More great teams moving on to the next game such as; Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh
Steelers, New York Giants, and the Minnesota Vikings. Finally, we will keep a close eye
on who will be the dominate team in the upcoming game next week and Green Bay are 8-0.


by Lauren



by Kennedy
Zendaya Coleman plays on shake it up. She plays Rocky. She gets really good grades on the show unlike her best friend Cece. Rocky's full name is Rockell Blue. She has one brother Named Ty Blue. Rocky's really nice. she's nice to every one she meets, but her number one person in her life is Cece. On the show, they dance on Shake it up Chicago.I like Rocky because she's smart just like me!! And when the going gets tuff, you can count on her, that's a fact of life. Cece, on the other hand, you cant count on her for anything. No offence Cece, but you get bad grades and you are selfish. You're not a bad person, but you should try to be more like rocky.
Thats all for this time!
Your reporter


by Jordan R.
Hola amigos. Como estas? Estoy muy feliz. I am your Spanish reporter, Jordan Roebuck. I will be speaking about one new expression, and questions, and commands. So let’s get started. Here are some commands in Spanish. Repite is repeat. Habla is speak. Dilo en espanol is say it in Spanish. Complete las frases complete the sentences. Contesta la pregunta means answer the question. Levanta la mano is raise your hand. Saca papel means take out paper. Abre el libro means open the book. Cierra el libro is close the book. Escribe means write. Escucha means listen. Lee means read. Sientate means sit down/ be seated. Pasa a la pizzarra means go to the board. Cierra la puerta means shut the door. Miren means look at me. Silencio means be quiet. Dibujen means draw. No se como decir _ en espanol? Means I don’t know how do to say in Spanish. Como se dice en Espanol? Means how do you say in Spanish? Puedo ir al bano? Means can I go to the bathroom? Tengo una pregunta. Means I have a question. Puedo hacer una prefunta? Means may I ask a question? Me puedes ayudar? Means can you help me? No entiendo. Means I don’t understand. No me siento bien. Means I don’t feel well. Me duele el estomago/ la cabeza. Means my head/ stomach hurts. Necesito un papel/ un lapis. Means I need paper/ a pencil. Me prestas? Means may I borrow__? Now since we have finished our test, we are studying clothes in Spanish. La ropa means clothes. La camisa is long- sleeved shirt. La camiseta means short- sleeved shirt. Los pantalones means pant. Los shorts means shorts. El vestido means dress. El adrigo means coat. Los botas means boots las sanadilias means sandals. Los zapotos means shoes. Los tenis means gymshoes. La gorra means winter clothing. El sombrero means hat. La bufanda means scarf. Los guantes means gloves. Los calcetines means socks. El traje de bano means swimsuit. So, now I have to say one more thing. Adios means goodbye.

Cool Stuff

By Jasmine K

Character Education

by Kennedy



by Andrew
I am going to tell you about our music program. We just started our concert music!!!! I’m so excited and I’m even more excited that we got a rap. The fifth graders didn’t. My favorite song is called Shut it Off. That is the rap piece I was talking about earlier. It sounds so cool. That’s why I like it so much !

Physical Education

by Desmond
Use this section to tell all about the things you are learning about and doing in physical education.

Poetry Corner

by Cariel

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by Morghan

I’m going to tell you about the weather this last November. I got the info from (
Here are some subjects:
Highest Temp: 68
Lowest Temp: 27
How Many Suns?: There was only one sun!

What Weather on Your Break:What Happened Last Month?:
6 Cloudy 1 Partly cloudy
1 ? 1 Foggy
9 Mostly Sunny 6 Rainy
4 windy 1 Snowy
This last month was pretty crazy. I learned from my book (How the Weather Works), there is such thing as weather symbols. I also learned that there is such thing as a Stevenson Screen. A Stevenson Screen is a little box on stilts. You store things inside that help you forecast weather like a meteorologist.

Book Review


by Laila
After reading this book, I wonder if her parents and teachers and principal are worried because she’s missed like a month or two of school. All her homework isn’t finished. She has tests to do and finish. And her parents are worried about her. I bet they would do anything in the world for her to come back home. Her friends were and families are so mad and they love and miss her so much. That’s the bad part. And the good part is that she’s probably safe and sound in no harm or danger. But then her parents said, “What are you doing here Akiko? You had us sick to our stomach!” you’re coming home right lady." Akiko was so embarrassed by her parents treating her this way. They will never except Akiko for who she is. “ Oh brother! back to the Training Master.

Show & Tell

by Raven
HuffelpuffRaven- I shared pictures of my little brother so cute.
Reigen-She found a toy phone in her basement.
Jordan R- He hates not going to school when he is sick.
Alex-He shared his baby shoe.
Raven clawKennedy-She went to Jojo’s battle of the books sleepover and they watched the movie Where The Heart Is.
Cariel-She got a story studio book and it has a lot of cool things in it.
Noah- he went down to Florida and went to his grandma’s house.
Morghan-She has a dragonfly that lights up in the dark.
Alyce-She had a sleepover in a hotel.
GryffindorJasmine k- She shared the picture of her in her writer's notebook. It was so adorable.
Laila-Her dad bought a new tv.
Josh- On Sunday his mom bought him a lego set.
SlytherinJasmine b-She has a doll and it is very special to her.


by Teddy
I picked this job because my grandfather is a big joker.
1.What do you get when you cross two dinosaurs: A Tyranosours reck. Bumbumcrash!
2.What is 1+1= your brain. Bumbumcrash!
3.Do you like ice cream? Why don’t you marry it. bumbumcrash!
4.Knok, knock. Who's there? Boo. Boo Who? Stop crying, I didn’t tell the joke yet.bumbumcrash!
5.What does a bee wear to the beach? A beekini

Up Coming Events!

By Joshua

Fashion and Food

by Alyce

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