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ani-pnkn.gifOctober 4th Grade Gazette

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  • The fifth and fourth graders have join forces in a game called kick ball. There’s four teams Lions, Pistons Tigers, Redwings. Soccer ended, so kick ball started. I don’t know how but kick ball has brought us together, I guess it’s the magic of sports, if there’s even such a thing as that. Today we had the kick-off of the game, October 25, 2011. I asked Jordan R. what he thinks about it. He said, “I like it, and it brings us together more and more each day”. The game is very fun for both grades and I hope it stays for a long time, so the younger kids can play it too. Also I hope that it’s not one of those things we fight about. Or we would not have a sports game at all
  • This is your reporter Jasmine.

  • People in the News

Today I'm interviewing Josh because he has been my best friend since Kindergarten.
  • Teddy: What's your favorite food?
  • Josh: Cheese roll up
  • Teddy: What’s your favorite movie?
  • Josh: Smurf's Interveiw
  • Teddy: What’s your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card?
  • Josh: Exodia
  • Teddy: How old are you:?
  • Josh: 9
  • Teddy: What's your favorite console?
  • Josh: A DS
  • Teddy: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  • Josh: Yes, one brother, named Alex
  • Teddy: What's your favorite web site?
  • Josh: Friv
  • Teddy: What's your favorite animal?
  • Josh: Shark

  • Math News


In math, we learned about Points, Line Segments, Lines, and Rays. Rays only go one way. We also learned how to measure a distance on a globe or map using a map scale. We practice organizing data into a bar graph. We are practicing our multiplication facts. We fill out fact sheets every day. We can test our fact speed on

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQuN62BgWLH9YQVhToKH8lMORNegZqyyb5GrEG3-pEhwki7efRe
Solve the riddle.
I am a four-sided polygon.
My two short sides are the same length.
The sides of the same length are next to each other.
What am I?
  • By Noah

  • Language Arts News

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPhDUQNRdittCqcK8ksgWifDNQiX5HGPcs9IaRY5yfl62uq_athA
  • Our Language Arts theme is about Journeys. We have read the following stories: Akiak, Grandfather’s Journey, By the Shores of Silver Lake and Titanic. We learned that the titanic sank and killed more than 1,517 people . Artifacts from the titanic have been recovered from the ocean floor and are now in a museum. We have also participated in Literature Circle discussion groups. We have jobs to perform in our Lit circles. I have been summarizer and illustrator. We also have compositon notebooks and respsonse journals that we write in.

  • Science News

In science class we have Eco columns. Our eco columns have fish, crickets, isopods , and pond snails. And here is other big news: a scientist puts devices in small animals like bees & dragonflies. And us kids see new things all around the world!! You can find new things everyday just like bugs and animals so go outside and get into nature!

  • Social Studies News

In social studies we learned about social scientists, the economist, historian, geographer and political scientist. Social scientists study groups of people such as families andnations. On the Unit 1 test I scored 100% "Yeah!" We are now studying regions. A region is an area with common features. We are also learning about map skills. Maps never show sizes and distances as they really are. You need a scale to figure the distance. We are learning about lines of lattitude and longitude. The lines of longitude start at the Prime Meridian and the lines of lattitude start at the equator.
  • Editorial

This is editorial reporter Joshua. I'm here to report opinions about school. I think that we should add more play equipment. We should have, swings, spinners, climbing ropes, ladders, bridges and play statues. Why do you ask? Well, for more stuff to play with.The reason why is so the kids can get more excercise. Another thing is so there's more playground equipment for the 5th graders.They usually walk around to get excercise.
  • (My dream playground) external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHa8AQQcvtH10C3g-LLSnJRi3Fa4Zwvf-wKVjsZMBca3gBfauVeA||

  • Sports News

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My dad is the Wide Recievers coach for the Detroit lions and all of the of the lion players are good.but I can't wait until there game Sunday I'm going to pray that they win the XXL bowl that would be awsome only if Matthew Stafford throws good but I still love all of them and i know all of the coaches are working very very hard to get there boys in shape i know my dad is and i can't wait to see them play and I can't wait until By: Faith Jefferson

  • Cartoon by

  • by Olivia
  • DSCF0011.jpg

  • Entertainment
  • images.jpg_bella_thone2.jpg

  • My favorite person is Bella Thorn she plays on shake it up she plays CECE! On the show Shake it up . Bella is full of drama. Some say sassy pant’s. I love the way she think’s. On and off the set Zendaya Colmon is bellas best friend ever. She plays Rocky on Shake It Up,Shes the smart one on the show cece’s gets bad grades sort of like me.The host of the TV is Brandon Johnson he plays Gary Wild.By jojo

  • Spanish

  • Buenas Tardes I’m your Spanish Speaking Tour Guide Laila. I’m here to teach and tell you about the: Spanish Speaking Culture , Contributions, Spanish Borrowed Spanish Words ,and thetop 10 Spanish Speaking States. So let’s get started. First thing, 10 top Spanish Speaking states are: New Mexico, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. Next, some Spanish Borrowed Words are: Barbacoa-Barbecue , Tornado-Tornado, Vainilla- Vanilla, Mosquito- Mosquito ,and Chocolate-chocolate. Next is The 7 contributions .The 7 contributions are: Food- tacos, salsa. Music- Shikira. Television- Dora, George Lopez. Art- Diago Rivera. Clothing – Ponchos, Sombreros. Literature. , and Words- Alligator, Canoa, Patio, and Hurricane. Now here are some of the emotions: Estoy Feliz, Estoy Enfermo/a , Estoy Enojado, Estoy Triste, Estoy Cansado/a ,and Estoy Preocupado/a. Now let’s talk about whether someone is Senor, Senora , Senorita ,and Tu or Usted.So let’s get started. Mrs. Rowland- Senora, Usted, Mr. Zabawa- Senor, Usted, Mrs. Roberts- Senora, Usted ,Ms. Vier- Senorita, Usted, and Mr. Tobe- Senor, Usted. I guess that’s it. I had fun today now Adios! That means good –bye . The End.

  • Cool Stuff

external image kids-silicone-slap-watch.jpg
  • This is Cariel and I'm here to talk about the latest cool gadget.
  • What is it? Yes, it is the new and improved slap watches.
  • I think this is a great improved gadget. I have seen a lot of
  • people wearing them! There are purple ones ,blue ones ,and much,
  • much more! You can find these at dollar stores and other retail stores.

  • Character Education

by Naykelah

  • Art

In art class we are learning how to transfer shapes on other parts of our paper. The 1st step was to draw a made up shape that was organic and geometric. I chose geometric and organic because I wanted my project to look more interesting. The project would be boring without the organic and geometric shapes. I like this project because we were transferring and it turns out really cool when you are done. The steps of this project are to draw some closed shapes, Transfer the shapes (transfer 3 times), Use a Sharpe and do the opposite on all the sides. I love this project. I think it is the best project in the world (Except for the journal part).
  • by Lauren

  • Music

I have some interesting news for people in Recorder Karate. I have thought of making a recorder club for people that struggle with recorders. I got my computer two years ago and I can play by ear. Whenever I have time in outdoor recess, I play my recorder. The more I play, the better I get. Everyone is welcome!! I finished the First Degree and now just started my Second Degree. I can give tips on how to do things and help with fingering. If you want to play with a friend one day, you can anytime!! There will be no sign ups for this club, so everything is FREE!! Recorder Karate comes from Music class and it started in Third Grade. The recorder club will help you get belts and teach you how to play songs you never could play before! If I’m not here, the club might have to wait. If you want to, you can sing along. I will be like Mr. Smith playing with you. It is up to you to come and learn, but if you don’t want any help, than you don’t have to come. I’ll write again soon!!
  • Sincerely,Morghan L. external image 1197148828521483621zeimusu_Recorder_and_music.svg.hi.png||

  • Physical Education

In P.E. we just got done with the mile run. We try to run the whole time without walking. It takes about five minues to do the mile run. Sometimes during gym, we can have a relay race and then we can play soccer. And at the end of year, we get to play Kickball.

By Trevor

  • Poetry Corner

By:Reigan H.

I Should Have StudiedI didn’t study for the testand now I'm feeling blue.I copied off your paperand I flunked it just like you!-Bruce Lansky

  • Weather

October was unseasonably warm. We had seven days in the seventies and one day even made it to 81 degrees! Tonight for Halloween, we might have rain. In November the highs will be in the the forties and the lows in the thirties. We might even see some night time lows in the twenties and teens. It's going to be really cold in November so bundle up.
By Kennedy

  • Book Review

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT7vVFRztsqvIpqYaAXX8RMpILIiyfWd7A4qoTAdQjVJNzg1nmojJ7LCrzW
I am your book review reporter, Jordan Roebuck.
  • I will tell you about books. Here is one of them. If you want to read about a funny guy named Hank Zipzer who stinks at soccer and is learning ping-pong and is going to a school at P.S.87 (public school 87 I'm guessing), then this is your book. Hank goes to P.S.87 and is watching out to try to be cool. It is yet another new school year in P.S.87 for him. He sees new classmates, old classmates, red classmates, black classmates(etc.). This guy named Nick is a really disgusting classmate. He has leftovers of breakfast on his teeth. EWWWWW! Hank does not want his 4th grade teacher, Mrs.Adolf. Turns out, it is her as his 5th grade teacher. He soon played soccer. It is not his thing.(he is bad at paying attention and has trouble in a little bit of everything. That's why he thinks long division looks like Hopi Indian's hieroglyphics.) So his grandfather Papa Pete helps him in a new sport, ping-pong. He gets better and better. He tells his dentist and the dentist puts him on his congratulations board. But Hank does not want anyone to know. Soon, Hank finds out Nick is going to see it and tells the dentist to take it off. Soon his school's talent show comes. Everybody does something. Sammy Chin does ping-pong Nick scares him off and Hank helps Sammy do it by playing it with him. Everybody loves it and Hank is a ping-pong star. The End (I hope you didn't get bored out of your mind.)||

  • Show & Tell

By:Jasmine Kjasmine_k_pic_do_not_to.giflol-30.gif

  • We are happy to announce the birth of Raven's baby brother Robert. He was born on September 18.
  • My phone is very important to me. If I get lost, I can call my mom and dad.
  • Congratulations on the birth of Mrs. Vier's granddaughter Maven. Maven was born on August 12th.
  • Morghan found her long lost stuffed animal, Magnet Kitty. She found it in a bush. It had been missing for 5 years!


By Desmond
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  • Up Coming Events!

by Raven
Halloween is just 3 days away!!!!!! So is the Halloween party, so don’t forget your costume and have a good Halloween.
  • November 4- No school
  • November 11- Fun run
  • November 16 &17- No school because conferences
  • November 23- No school
November- 24-Thanksgiving recess